Thursday, 24 September 2009

Your having a Giraffe!!!!

Ihar, you so make me chuckle, have laughed so much with him today! Enjoyed the library tour and all the information about websites, very interesting and useful stuff. Had my first attempt at powerpoint and Ihar tricked us in to showing our pesentations to the class, there was a twist though ( naughty Ihar) some of us had to present it. Well i took the bull by the horns and got me booty up there and did a little presentation on Pinky.I was so suprised at the ease of powerpoint and was impressed with the outcome. Very nervous about presenting it, but i took this time to overcome my fear! I was even brave enough for Ihar to take a photo of me with my presentation.
BUT this afternoon was horrendous, took me 2.5 hours to do the diagnostic tests and i left like a zombie, banging headache and feeling sick! Was glad to get back and go to the petrol station to fuel up when i realised i had no money, then raced in home for a consultation with the childrens therapists that went on til 7, what an afternoon and evening, can't wait to end the day. xxx

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