Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pinkies attempt to Blog!

Well here goes;;;;;;;

1) my feelings about writing for a course assignment and using a blog;

ummm, to be honest i have had a challenging few weeks lately with lots going on, but thats my life, bit like Eastenders, always something happening, always something to deal with!
Although i am looking forward to writing assignments and studying i desperately need to learn that the world isn't always at 100mph and i need to slow down for me to manage assignments effectively. Lyn, hope you can help me with this one?????

Blogging i think is another fab way of communicating x

2)why do i think we write assignments?

So that we can undertake detailed independent study on a topic related to modules we will be studying to show that we fully understand the topics.

3)what do i think the purpose of a report is?

To provide more specific information and to give you an analysis of a topic. Once this has been done it can identify possible recommendations.

4)what do i think the purpose of an essay is?

Is based more on discussions of a topic and around the judgement of the person writing it.

Well thats my first post done just in the nick of time, he he xxx

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