Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mp Lobby day - Kinship Alliance

Woo Hoo, Off to London today to campaign, woo hoo, could be famous after this guys!
But i can rest assure you i will be keeping my clothes on, lol
I have a niggle in the back of my mind that i still haven't got my head round studying this week, yesterday was mad too, housework in the morning, meeting in the afternoon and bed early for my 5am wake up call this morning. Liz and i are styudy buddying for thursday and friday, so hoping i will feel better about my work come the weekend!

Anyway, I am campaigning for The Kinship care Alliance.

The Kinship Care Alliance is campaigning for greater recognition, respect and reward for family and friends (‘kinship’) carers. These carers, often grandparents, aunts or uncles, step in to care for vulnerable children when they cannot live with their parents. This may be because of parental alcohol or substance misuse, mental or physical ill health, domestic abuse, divorce or separation, imprisonment, bereavement and yet the carers often receive little or no financial or practical support. They and the children they care for are the forgotten families of family policy. We want to change that.
Best get ready.

TTFN xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Crappy start already! - Reading Week

Arghhhhhhh i am writing this to help clear my mind!!!
I had planned this morning to study and its now almost half past 10 and i haven't started!
Reason - KIds, got some issues going on and my memory is clouded as i have been on the phone since 9 making calls and having discussions! Sure Lin will be with me on this one!
I have tons of washing, house is a tip, tights to pack but you know what! stuff it all and im gonna shout from the roof tops TODAY IS STUDY DAY, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!! And that includes my fella who keeps asking me questions.

Ok, think its out of my system, time for some paracetamol, red bull and nicotine, hopefully i will then be ready! ummm wonder if this will help me do a good written piece or cloud my judgement, soon see

TTFN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 October 2009

Action for Children Advert

Action for Children ‘Davina McCall’ DRTV advert New three year appeal Children’s charity Action for Children has launched a major, three year nationwide appeal to highlight child neglect and raise funds to tackle the issue.

The charity is reaching out to the general public through an integrated programme of PR, advertising, marketing, campaigning and fundraising activities to raise awareness and understanding of neglect and the issues surrounding it, as well as raising vital funds to help neglected children and their families.

National, regional and trade media across the UK are being targeted with a hard-hitting news story that leads on key findings of specifically-commissioned research, exploring the extent and scale of neglect - as seen by frontline professionals who regularly work with children.

All activity is accompanied by calls to action to both the public and government to turn the situation around, supported by examples of the charity’s successful work in supporting children and families who are affected by neglect across the country.

The charity will also engage the public through an integrated online campaign using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and a viral email to potential and existing supporters, to encourage people to take their action for children by donating to the appeal, running their own, or participating in, fundraising activities and raising awareness of the issue.

Celebrity TV presenter Davina McCall launched the appeal with a primetime, 3-minute advert that appeared during Channel 4 News (October 12), talking about child neglect and calling on the public to support the charity’s appeal by making a donation.

Press adverts were used to trail the advert, and will continue to be used throughout the campaign. Davina, who will continue to appear in both brand and DRTV adverts, is joined in her support by a host of other celebrities who are supporting media activity, including Timothy Spall, David Morrissey, Jessica Hynes and ‘Shameless’ star David Threfall.

Driving the charity towards its goal of raising £17 million to help neglected children over the next three years, a wide range of fundraising activities are taking place nationwide. These include street prospecting, cold-telemarketing and direct mail to prospective supporters.

The charity is also embarking on a media partnership with eight local radio stations in the North of England and Scotland that are part of the Bauer network. Stations will be engaging listeners on the issue of neglect through locally tailored editorial and online content, in order to raise over £500K in support of the appeal.

“Neglect is a growing problem and one we must fix. The same issues for neglected children and their families are coming up time and time again-but we can make a difference,” said Action for Children’s Executive Director of External Relations and Communications, Polly Neate.

“That’s why it’s so important, through integrated marketing, PR, and fundraising activities that our appeal reaches out to all stakeholders. From parents to policy makers, we need to make everyone aware of just how serious a problem child neglect is right now, to call on them to be extra vigilant, and donate to our appeal so that we can save more children from slipping through the net.”

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Induction at Warwick

Navigation by myself was absolutely outstanding i must say lol, Found car park 13 ok ( Thanks Brian) and followed my nose to costcutter by guessing and tadaaa we were at the coffee shop! Chuckle at Liz's driving though, decided to follow a lorry to protect Cliff ( her car) but almost forgot to adhere to UK traffic rules of stopping on a red light.
Spotted Jen, so made a beeline for her and as she didn't recognise me her vacant look was a picture lol.
Anyway interesting presentations today by several people followed by free lunch, only downside to this was spending too much time in the rain for fire drills that weren't even going off in the building we were in. To then walk back to the building to have ours going off. so was sent back to the car park again. Not funny when just getting over a bout of illness!
Was feeling very tired by the end and was glad to go and have a wander around the campus, followed by chicken & Leek bake and coffee, scrummy

Well back home with no school uniform purchases this time and adamant the diet has started again, so here goes for another week.

Terrraaaaa xxx

Friday, 9 October 2009

week 3

Well slowly but surely im getting there! I missed mondays lecture with Rachel as i was a poorly chicken, sniff sniff, but managed to make enrolement at Warwick on wednesday, well only just felt rough as oat! But my day was enlightened with a few of us purchasing some School uniform! Oh yes Warwick uni hoodies and Tshirts, gotta be done.
Lesson today was fab and learnt some info about google with Ihar and the discussions around racism along with a video, such an eye opener that!

Well back to some homework along with facebook of course and lets see what next week brings xxxxx terrraaaaaaa