Monday, 21 September 2009

Newbie Day 1 with Rachel

whoo hoo, first day is done, was great to meet the rest of the group, enjoyed chattering to a few of them and finding out their fears are very similar to mine. Good exercise that, because you don't feel so alone!
Well just spent some time reflecting on the day and starting to build up the evidence for my first portfolio.
I am so not tired right now which is not good, i'm in a whirlwind and taking notes and ideas about my dissertation already! (thanks Rachel, you gave me the idea for that) although i feel i am thinking a long way ahead, i will always bear it in mind for advancing my work through the years!
Umm another diet coke or a hot chocolate?????
Thinking about the discussion on what you would change' ibetter start today and go for hot chocolate ( light of course!) lol

Night night bloggers xxxx

( The time for my postings says 15.45, im sure i was in class then, lol time is actually 11.54pm)

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  1. Thanks David, settings changed to say the right time now x