Thursday, 24 September 2009

Newbie day 3 with Lin

I've ended up updating this morning as i was running around like a wild banshee last night as we are rearranging part of the house to add a 6ft radiator for warmth in the winter and maybe a change of study space! So when i did eventually sit down, my daughter turned up to use the computer. Chatted to her for ages, when she left and all was quiet it was time to reflect on the day, So i loaded up moodle, opened my work book and was ready start, thought i would just check facebook and well that was it! I NEVER chat on facebook because i can't get off and last night was no different, i couldn't get off until 11pm! However it wasn't all wasted, had a great chat with Tija and added Zoe as a friend, so getting some good socialising done.
We did talk about the assignments and the dates, the transition dip which was quite interesting and has made me thing about how i can keep motivated over xmas! Lin just makes you giggle so much, productive day but with a fun element> Well thats all turors met now and i can see im gonna fit in to this well!

Well i better get ready for uni and will be back later for an update on todays events, see ya's! xxxx

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