Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Newbie day 2 with Fiona

Wow my head hurts and its only day 2. However really enjoyed the mass of information and given us lots to think about! I just got to evaluate and analyse in every day life and then essays will be a breeze. Ummm not sure about that really lol got quite good at using the blog, email, facebook, car forum and watch tv at the same time! Thats REALLY bad, will have the right ambience when reseacrhing and studying!

Feeling quite tired now, but i noticed on Davids blog its having the same affect. Up all night excited and motivated about doing this course and then sit at night blogging and typing. Well not having a late one tonight.

Night night bloggers xxxx


  1. hopefully we all will have blogs by tomorrow night.. then we will see who's the swots and those that are last minuters...

  2. Yes will be nice to read what others are thinking too. I think the blog is a great idea and loving updating it xxx