Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday, Monday - week 2

Today was Rachel day and the session was very enjoyable, listening to a podcast on Rousseau and having a discussion, talking about the tutorials over the next few weeks, presentations to be handed in and a discussion over news articles. 2 new starters too, the group just keeps on growing! xxx

End of the first week!

Woo hoo, i mad it through week 1, yee ha, ok ok excitement over. The last day was reflecting over the week and talking to Lin over essay work, even after being told the second time how to do them, i still don't feel any better, lol Im sure it will come in time. xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Your having a Giraffe!!!!

Ihar, you so make me chuckle, have laughed so much with him today! Enjoyed the library tour and all the information about websites, very interesting and useful stuff. Had my first attempt at powerpoint and Ihar tricked us in to showing our pesentations to the class, there was a twist though ( naughty Ihar) some of us had to present it. Well i took the bull by the horns and got me booty up there and did a little presentation on Pinky.I was so suprised at the ease of powerpoint and was impressed with the outcome. Very nervous about presenting it, but i took this time to overcome my fear! I was even brave enough for Ihar to take a photo of me with my presentation.
BUT this afternoon was horrendous, took me 2.5 hours to do the diagnostic tests and i left like a zombie, banging headache and feeling sick! Was glad to get back and go to the petrol station to fuel up when i realised i had no money, then raced in home for a consultation with the childrens therapists that went on til 7, what an afternoon and evening, can't wait to end the day. xxx

Newbie day 3 with Lin

I've ended up updating this morning as i was running around like a wild banshee last night as we are rearranging part of the house to add a 6ft radiator for warmth in the winter and maybe a change of study space! So when i did eventually sit down, my daughter turned up to use the computer. Chatted to her for ages, when she left and all was quiet it was time to reflect on the day, So i loaded up moodle, opened my work book and was ready start, thought i would just check facebook and well that was it! I NEVER chat on facebook because i can't get off and last night was no different, i couldn't get off until 11pm! However it wasn't all wasted, had a great chat with Tija and added Zoe as a friend, so getting some good socialising done.
We did talk about the assignments and the dates, the transition dip which was quite interesting and has made me thing about how i can keep motivated over xmas! Lin just makes you giggle so much, productive day but with a fun element> Well thats all turors met now and i can see im gonna fit in to this well!

Well i better get ready for uni and will be back later for an update on todays events, see ya's! xxxx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Newbie day 2 with Fiona

Wow my head hurts and its only day 2. However really enjoyed the mass of information and given us lots to think about! I just got to evaluate and analyse in every day life and then essays will be a breeze. Ummm not sure about that really lol got quite good at using the blog, email, facebook, car forum and watch tv at the same time! Thats REALLY bad, will have the right ambience when reseacrhing and studying!

Feeling quite tired now, but i noticed on Davids blog its having the same affect. Up all night excited and motivated about doing this course and then sit at night blogging and typing. Well not having a late one tonight.

Night night bloggers xxxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Newbie Day 1 with Rachel

whoo hoo, first day is done, was great to meet the rest of the group, enjoyed chattering to a few of them and finding out their fears are very similar to mine. Good exercise that, because you don't feel so alone!
Well just spent some time reflecting on the day and starting to build up the evidence for my first portfolio.
I am so not tired right now which is not good, i'm in a whirlwind and taking notes and ideas about my dissertation already! (thanks Rachel, you gave me the idea for that) although i feel i am thinking a long way ahead, i will always bear it in mind for advancing my work through the years!
Umm another diet coke or a hot chocolate?????
Thinking about the discussion on what you would change' ibetter start today and go for hot chocolate ( light of course!) lol

Night night bloggers xxxx

( The time for my postings says 15.45, im sure i was in class then, lol time is actually 11.54pm)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pinkies attempt to Blog!

Well here goes;;;;;;;

1) my feelings about writing for a course assignment and using a blog;

ummm, to be honest i have had a challenging few weeks lately with lots going on, but thats my life, bit like Eastenders, always something happening, always something to deal with!
Although i am looking forward to writing assignments and studying i desperately need to learn that the world isn't always at 100mph and i need to slow down for me to manage assignments effectively. Lyn, hope you can help me with this one?????

Blogging i think is another fab way of communicating x

2)why do i think we write assignments?

So that we can undertake detailed independent study on a topic related to modules we will be studying to show that we fully understand the topics.

3)what do i think the purpose of a report is?

To provide more specific information and to give you an analysis of a topic. Once this has been done it can identify possible recommendations.

4)what do i think the purpose of an essay is?

Is based more on discussions of a topic and around the judgement of the person writing it.

Well thats my first post done just in the nick of time, he he xxx