Tuesday, 16 August 2011

2 years down, 2 to go

Well i'm half way through the degree already! The tutors said time would fly, didn't realise how much of that saying would be true.

I have really enjoyed the 2 years, learning so much along the way. Although my life has come with its own difficulties i managed to stay strong and keep going on the degree. Thankyou to my friends and tutors for helping me through those difficult times.

Going forward my options for Warwick have been approved! Although i am in a dilema with the child law module! Thats another story. I am also in a dilema with job hunting and finances because of the possibility of a placement in social services which i soooo wanna do! arghhh Got so much thinking to do.

Have a special friend visiting at the weekend who is a social worker, maybe she can shed some light on my future prospects!! will have to see.

Good luck to the newbies and the new starters like me going up to big school and of course well done to all those that have just graduated. xxxx