Tuesday, 16 August 2011

2 years down, 2 to go

Well i'm half way through the degree already! The tutors said time would fly, didn't realise how much of that saying would be true.

I have really enjoyed the 2 years, learning so much along the way. Although my life has come with its own difficulties i managed to stay strong and keep going on the degree. Thankyou to my friends and tutors for helping me through those difficult times.

Going forward my options for Warwick have been approved! Although i am in a dilema with the child law module! Thats another story. I am also in a dilema with job hunting and finances because of the possibility of a placement in social services which i soooo wanna do! arghhh Got so much thinking to do.

Have a special friend visiting at the weekend who is a social worker, maybe she can shed some light on my future prospects!! will have to see.

Good luck to the newbies and the new starters like me going up to big school and of course well done to all those that have just graduated. xxxx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Literature Review

Ummm, now this is a different way of working than i'm used to but hopefully it will get easier as i go along. I have chosen to look at racism around traveller & Gypsy children.

What i need to do

  • Create a piece of work which discusses what important authors think about the topic
  • Show the reader what i have read about the topic
  • Show i understand the important issues around the topic
  • provide a foundation for my mini research


Introducation, a body and a conclusion

Not only summarise what people say, but critically review what they say

Pull out the main ideas from the authors.

Think, Who do i agree with? Who makes sense? Whos doesn't have a good idea and whats wrong with it?

Thats all for now folks, time to read xx

First day of 2nd year - Education in another country

First day back was a little frustrating because we were messing around with trying to enrol! But my mug shot was taken and now i am a fully pledged member! woo hoo

I can tell i have had a brain fade and found it strange being in the classroom enviroment again, but hey got to get it sorted! First lesson with Rachel is based on research of eductation within another country. So made a start with researching lapland. I wanna know what kind of education santa had! I actually discovered lapland is a region and is based on the northen part crossing Norway, Finland and Russia, so do i select one of those or maybe i could do a comparison of all 3 to see if there are any differences!

Made a start and contacted the National board of Education in Finland, some nice person has responded today with information to help with my research. Fantastic!!

Will update more info when i find stuff x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

NAKC - A new venture

I am so excited to write about my new project-NAKC which stands for National Association of Kinship Carers, its aimed at the work i do for Kinship carers and their children. Its currently in the very early stages and we are drawing up the consitutions to become a national charity.

My new role is National Publicity officer given to me for my work with radio, newspapers and magazines. I am really excited about this project and can't wait to get it off the ground.

Off to my first meeting in York at the weekend and the hard work then begins..

Chow for now. x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Come on Bruno, walkies time, lol x
My ickle baby Bruno at 8 weeks old xx

Summer hols yee ha!

The summer hols have been and are nearly over and what a holiday i have had.

I had a fabulous break away just me and my husband in our caravan at Skegvegas, what a time, i loved it, even took uni books away to have a read and i managed to read three quarters of noughts and crosses. But half way through we were discussing my 40th birthday thats coming up, i wanted a puppy and fell in love with a teacup chihuahua we spotted. So over dinner there i was with me new iphone 4 trailing internet for breeders, well that night we went to view a chihuahua x and i took him with us, it was fantastic and had a brill holiday but didn't want to come home.

Woo hoo Nana C is in de house, finally my little grandson has arrived with a few worrying trips to the hospital but all was well in the end. A beautiful boy weighing 8 pounds 10.5 ounces, he is a beaut!! Well done Amy xxx

Well i am now knuckling down to some reading around racism and child development to get back in to the swing of things, how time flies when your having fun x And i can't believe i am preparing for my second year xxxx