Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Literature Review

Ummm, now this is a different way of working than i'm used to but hopefully it will get easier as i go along. I have chosen to look at racism around traveller & Gypsy children.

What i need to do

  • Create a piece of work which discusses what important authors think about the topic
  • Show the reader what i have read about the topic
  • Show i understand the important issues around the topic
  • provide a foundation for my mini research


Introducation, a body and a conclusion

Not only summarise what people say, but critically review what they say

Pull out the main ideas from the authors.

Think, Who do i agree with? Who makes sense? Whos doesn't have a good idea and whats wrong with it?

Thats all for now folks, time to read xx


  1. Once you get into it you will find you actually enjoy it - especially if the subject is close to your heart. I was very anti-lit review, but made a pretty decent job after i realised the many viewpoints from which a topic can be viewed.

  2. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment its much appreciated! Its finding the right info to be able to review lol x

  3. Hi are a few lit review tips from my experience....
    The key thing to remember about a Literature Review is that you are demonstrating that you know and understand what's out there already about your subject. Writing a 'review' means that you will reflect on the differing viewpoints of the literature...this can be the informed basis of your decision to investigate a particular viewpoint further through the rest of your research. By way of example...I completed a research project last year about choices of toys made by boys and girls. The Lit Review took in writings about gender from three perspectives: biological, social and cognitive. At the end of the review I was able to see that my research would be most appropriately written from a cognitive perspective. Be careful not to describe..and keep it as current as possible.
    Hope these tips help you xx

  4. Thanks Jen, much appreciated, see ya weds xxxx

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  6. Hi Martha, thanks for your comments, i really hope you find it useful, i certainly did! xxx