Wednesday, 29 September 2010

First day of 2nd year - Education in another country

First day back was a little frustrating because we were messing around with trying to enrol! But my mug shot was taken and now i am a fully pledged member! woo hoo

I can tell i have had a brain fade and found it strange being in the classroom enviroment again, but hey got to get it sorted! First lesson with Rachel is based on research of eductation within another country. So made a start with researching lapland. I wanna know what kind of education santa had! I actually discovered lapland is a region and is based on the northen part crossing Norway, Finland and Russia, so do i select one of those or maybe i could do a comparison of all 3 to see if there are any differences!

Made a start and contacted the National board of Education in Finland, some nice person has responded today with information to help with my research. Fantastic!!

Will update more info when i find stuff x

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