Thursday, 15 October 2009

Induction at Warwick

Navigation by myself was absolutely outstanding i must say lol, Found car park 13 ok ( Thanks Brian) and followed my nose to costcutter by guessing and tadaaa we were at the coffee shop! Chuckle at Liz's driving though, decided to follow a lorry to protect Cliff ( her car) but almost forgot to adhere to UK traffic rules of stopping on a red light.
Spotted Jen, so made a beeline for her and as she didn't recognise me her vacant look was a picture lol.
Anyway interesting presentations today by several people followed by free lunch, only downside to this was spending too much time in the rain for fire drills that weren't even going off in the building we were in. To then walk back to the building to have ours going off. so was sent back to the car park again. Not funny when just getting over a bout of illness!
Was feeling very tired by the end and was glad to go and have a wander around the campus, followed by chicken & Leek bake and coffee, scrummy

Well back home with no school uniform purchases this time and adamant the diet has started again, so here goes for another week.

Terrraaaaa xxx

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