Monday, 26 October 2009

Crappy start already! - Reading Week

Arghhhhhhh i am writing this to help clear my mind!!!
I had planned this morning to study and its now almost half past 10 and i haven't started!
Reason - KIds, got some issues going on and my memory is clouded as i have been on the phone since 9 making calls and having discussions! Sure Lin will be with me on this one!
I have tons of washing, house is a tip, tights to pack but you know what! stuff it all and im gonna shout from the roof tops TODAY IS STUDY DAY, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!! And that includes my fella who keeps asking me questions.

Ok, think its out of my system, time for some paracetamol, red bull and nicotine, hopefully i will then be ready! ummm wonder if this will help me do a good written piece or cloud my judgement, soon see

TTFN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. yep i do know what you mean!!!! i am in library at work and they are texting me! LOL X

  2. Well nothing changed, it was a horrendous day!