Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Holloway prison has set up Kinship support group. (PACT)

Great to see the bigger organisations getting involved.

What is pact doing at HMP Holloway?
pact is piloting a new Kinship Care Support Service, offering help to families who find themselves in this situation.

Our Kinship Care Support Manager is developing a range of pioneering support, aimed at people who find themselves looking after a relative's children when that person is sent to prison.

The aims of the Kinship Care Support Service
Our aims are as follows:

to support family members and friends who care for children whose parents are in HMP Holloway
to help resolve conflicts between the carers and parents of the children
to help facilitate contact between children and their parents in these prisons
What does pact offer?
The Kinship Care Support Service offers a range of support to carers:

someone to talk to about any concerns you have as a carer
help to explore how these concerns could be resolved
relationship counselling for prisoners and kinship carers. This service is offered in partnership with Marriage Care and is suitable for all manner of family relationships, not just married couples or partners
links to a wide range of local and national services
Getting in touch

I have had email conversations with the lady that is running this group, they saw the impact of the carers bringing in children to see parents in prison. Well done HMP Holloway!

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